Pancha Mandapams

       The literal meaning of Pancha Mandapams is the five memorials. The Pancha Mandapams are memorials located at Guindy in Chennai. The memorials are dedicated to five great freedom fighters of the nation. The personalities include Mahatma Gandhi - father of the nation, C. Rajagopalachari - first Governer General of India, Kamaraj - former Chief Minister, Bhakavatsalam - again former Chief Minister and the martyrs of the freedom struggle.

The memorials are quite distinctive in appearance. The Gandhi Mandapam (memorial) has been fashioned in the form of a typical gopuram temple style. The pink color of Gopalchari's memorial makes it stand out from the rest. Then there is Kamaraj memorial which is provided with a spinning wheel (Charkha) at the top. In between these memorials are those of martyrs and Bhaktavatsalam.