Ripon Building

        Ripon Building homes the popular municipal complex that lies to the West of Central Station in the city suburbs. The building was founded in the year 1909 by Sir Gilbert John Elliot M.K.M Bart and Carl Minto who happened to be the Viceroy and Governer General of India at that time. The building has been named after Lord Ripon, who made great contributions regarding local self government. In the year 1913 the municipal corporation of Madras started functioning from the Ripon Building.

The Ripon Building houses Nehru Stadium, Victoria Public Hall, Moore Market and a number of parks and gardens. The complex is a medley of Gothic, Ionic and Corinthian architectural styles. The construction of the complex was undertaken by four engineers and all of them were expatriates. The wall have been constructed from brick and the cementing agent used is primarily lime mortar. The ground floor is laid with marble and the cieling above stands as high as 5.6 metres. The foundation too stands to about 5.3 metres. Some 20 metres from the terrace is the popular West Minister Quarter Chiming Clock that was installed in 1913 by famous company Oakes and Co.