Sivan Park

       Sivan Park is a small beautiful park located towards the west of the Chennai city. The park premises are spread in the K.K. Nagar region that is situated a little south of the Arcot Road. The P.T. Rajan Salai at the K.K. Nagar leads to the park land.

Sivan Park is an in ideal place for a stroll if you happen to be stationed in the nearby area. The park is provided with lush green lawns and beautiful trees the canopy of which makes the place real cool and refreshing. The park is the lone Corporation (Madras Municipal Corporation) maintained park in the city. The park further provided with sidewalks and a play area for children.

Sivan Park is quite popular in the K.K. Nagar suburbs. The park is known for the monument replicas that have been built on its lands. The 15 feet statue of Lord Siva in a meditating posture is a sensation in the park. The water flowing from the head of the statue and over to its body gives an extraordinary effect. The park features also include a small nursery that sell various ornamental plants and pot flowers. Various kinds of trees grounded in the park include Petophorum, Rain Tree, Gulmohur, etc.

The bus and the train are two convenient means of reaching the place. The bus stop at K.K. Nagar is the located near the park region. The nearest railway station to the place is the Mambalam Railway Station which lies towards the east of the park. The distance from the railway station to the park is about three kilometres.