Valluvar Kottam

        Valluvar Kottam marks the memorial of one of the renowned poet and saint of the region, Thiruvalluvar. The monument stands as a massive auditorium on a dry lake that was filled with the garbage and debris. The auditorium was thrown open to public in the year 1976. The memorial is a revered place in the city as it is considered to bear the impressions of the Tamil culture.

In the construction of the memorial more than 3000 stone blocks were employed. Valluvarr Kottam has quite an extensive space. The auditorium can accommodate 4000 people in just one sitting. The auditorium is surrounded by granite pillars that have the incriptions taken from the famous work of the poet. The epic Thiruvalluvar, written by the poet consists of 1330 verses, all of which are inscribed on the granite pillar. There is a temple structure near the auditorium that rises to a whooping height of about hundred feet. The temple houses the life size image of the poet. The structure has been built in the shape of a chariot with its plinth displaying the 133 chapters of Thirukkural.