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Learn Reiki 25 / Teach Reiki ONLY 149 all levels

Are you looking for a new challenge

Looking for a change in career ?

Are you happy ?

Are you happy with all areas of your Life? Career, love, job, recreation, success, goals ?

Do you feel as though something is missing from your Life ?

Are you starting the year as you mean to go on ?

Do you need more positive changes in any area of your life ?

Are you on the right path in life and fulfilling your life purpose ? Or does everyday seem like groundhog day?

Looking to offer more treatments in the Spa or your place of work ?

Are you a carer or in Healthcare business and would like to be able to offer healing to help others as well as yourself ?

Reiki can transform your life in so many positive ways and will encourage many positive changes which may be long over due. This is a recognised Diploma should you wish to practise Reiki and covers much more than Reiki including colour therapy, crystals / crystal healing, chakras, healing, tips for before, during and after healing and much more

Are you looking for another therapy to practise

Are you happy or looking to change career, maybe earn some extra money with hours to suit you?

Are you in the Spa, health or caring profession looking for another therapy to practise?

One which involves little expense and no outlay. No time consuming studies and can be used straight away and earn money while learning

Are you in the healthcare or care industry and wishing to help others

A therapy which could help you on your journey of self and spiritual discovery

A recognised Diploma worldwide to enable you to practise

Then look no further. Learn reiki today and transform your life in so many positive ways

Reiki is one of the oldest and most powerful and effective forms of natural healing. None invasive therapy which can be used alone or complement any other and obtain amazing results for every problem whether mental, emotional or physical and wonderful as a boost of anyones health or well being. At the same time as giving healing you receive healing, so it’s a win win situation

There is nothing complicated about reiki whatsoever and it can be used to improve your life and other each day, without being complicated or time consuming

By simply placing your hands on or close to yourself or others, the energy will automatically flow and healing take place, so there is nothing which can be done wrong. Reiki will also make you a much calmer, more relaxed stress free person, enabling you to face any challenges. So much more optimistic and positive taking life in your stride. If changes are long over due in your life, then reiki will also encourage those to take place and enable you to be much more equipt to handle anything

Not only will you receive Usui Reiki level 1 attunement but also detailed manual covering much more than reiki and enable you to us other energy based therapies such as crystals healing and colour therapy

The manual covers


Crystals / crystal healing

Colour therapy

Chakra balancing / chakras (main energy centers of the body)

Tips for before, during and after healing

Sending distant healing and much more

If you wish to use the other therapies at the same time as practising reiki to obtain balance and with continued use maintain that balance on yourself and others. The information enables you to advise the person being healed what colours their health and well being would benefit from wearing, eating, placing in the environment etc that really will make a difference in balancing the chakra which may be out of balance

Do something amazing and life changing with your Life today, learn reiki and your life will never be the same again. Usui Reiki 1 ONLY £25

If you are looking to teach reiki or a change in career then why not take advantage of the package for ALL Usui levels 1,2 & reiki master only £149


For more details and reasons to learn reiki visit webstore

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