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There is a special gathering in the house. There are many people in groups of their own. Children, both boys and girls, trotting around helter skelter. The atmosphere is loud and cacophonic.
Established in 1985, Vidya Sagar formerly known as Spastics Society of India, reaches out to children and young adults with multiple disabilities and helps them lead fulfilling lives, to become contributing members of society. Every programme at the centre is a constantly evolving model. The constant learning experience becomes a significant input into fine-tuning the programme to the varying requirements of beneficiaries.
Vidya Sagar is now housed in its own building, the funds for which were raised from the public. Keeping in view the economic background of the majority of the children and the young adults who approach the centre, only a token fee is collected.
The Centre for Special Education serves as a demonstration, resource and research centre, providing valuable insights to all other projects at Vidya Sagar. The programme was started in 1986, in an attempt to provide professional services in education, therapy and creative skills, all under one roof. The centre functions like a regular school in the campus and now has 140 children on its rolls. Every child has an integrated and individualized programme of therapy, special education, communication, art and craft, creative movement and computers.
The Advisory and Referral Clinic started in 1987, provides early intervention to a child with disability. The clinic provides information, resource referrals, and service coordination, education to parents and caregivers and family-centred counselling. It also focuses on training parents on the management programme and providing medical assistance.
The Employment and Living Skills Unit, empowers the young adult to make his own decisions by making him economically independet.
The NGO's innovative programme for the family of the child with disability aims to create more resource people in the community. The programme offers individualized education and therapy to a child, technical assistance for integration, training of resource persons and parent-to-parent support. It works on building a partnership with parents.
The Post-graduate Diploma course in Special Education trains personnel to handle complex conditions of neurological impairment. It also runs awareness programmes for people in the community. The courses address the need for information and practical training on very specific areas related to the field of disability and rehabilitation.

Discipleship Centre, Bihar
Area of Activity :Disaster management, Rehabilitation Discipleship Centre, Bihar.
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