India Gate

India Gate

India Gate is perhaps one of the most impressive structures built in the capital of India, Delhi with lush green lawns in the backdrop. This historic monument was built as a memorial to commemorate the 90,000 Indian soldiers killed in the first world war . This wonder monument was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The construction was completed in 1931 A.D. Located on Rajpath, the road which leads to the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhawan, the gate is 160 feet high with an arch of 138 feet.The monument was dedicated to the nation 10 years later by the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin.

The Amar Javan Jyoti

Built from sandstone, the arch also houses the Eternal Flame, a gesture in memory of the Indian soldiers who laid their lives in the 1971 war with Pakistan. A memoir of the soldiers who laid their lives at the North-West Frontier operations of the same time and the 1919 Afghan Fiasco. On the walls of the structure are inscribed the names of all the soldiers. This eternal flame called Amar Jawan Jyoti that runs on gas was lit in 1971 to honour the martyrs has been kept alive since then. During the night, it is intensely floodlit and the fountains nearby are lit up with coloured lights.Close by is the canopy which once became controversial and under whose red sandstone roof was the marble statue of King George V which has been shifted from there. The canopy was also designed and built by Lutyens.

The entire arch stands on a low base of red Bharatpur stone and rises in stages to a huge molding, beneath, which are inscribed Imperial sons. Above on both sides is inscribed India, flanked by MCM and to the right, XIX. The shallow domed bowl at the top was intended to be filled with burning oil on anniversaries but this is rarely done.

The lush green surroundings

Surrounding the imposing structure is a large expanse of lush green lawns, which is a popular picnic spot. One can see hoards of people moving about the brightly lit area and on the lawns on summer evenings. People of Delhi and the tourists rejuvenate themselves by recreating amongst the natural environs.

The Eternal Saga.

This monument located in the Delhi's heart land enchants an eternal saga of valore. The spirit of nationalism is rejuvenated and encourages the inner self to respond to the melodies of the sacrifices made by the brave sons of this virtuous land. The inscribed names of the martyrs unfurl the petals of the tales of their ultimate submission to the cause of their mother land. Indeed, this is an ideal reflection of Indian Passion to love thy mother land.

Location: Rajpath, New Delhi