Jamali Kamali Tomb

Further down is the Jamali Kamali masjid and tomb, which has recently been renovated by INTACH, an autonomous cultural organization. Jamali was the alias of the Sufi saint Shaikh Fazlullah, who was also known as Jalal Khan. The saint had a prodigious life – he lived right through Sikander Lodi's reign, the famous battle of Panipat in 1526, Babur and died during the lifetime of Jamali Kamali. Who Kamali was remains a tantalizing mystery.

The Construction

The tomb and mosque bearing their names lie within yards of each other. They were started in Babur's time in about 1528 and finished in Jamali Kamali's reign by 1535-36.

The Tomb

The tomb lies immediately behind the mosque and is a smallish chamber. Small but not humble. Upon entering it your eye is immediately caught by the richly ornamented ceiling and walls. They are covered with tiles of various hues and patterns in incised and painted plaster. Several verses compose by Jamali are also inscribed on the walls.