Shah Alam’s Tomb

During the Muslim reigns, the emperors, queens and saints equally found their respect among the citizens of the empire. Their lives were respected and prestigiously held up after their death through their tombs. A large number of culture-lovers go to Delhi every year to explore the history of famous lives through the tombs. Shah Alam’s Tomb in Delhi is one such rendition of history.

Shah Alam was a famous saint who rose to prominence during the rule of Feroze Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. History says Shah Alam’s Tomb was erected by Feroze Shah Tughlaq himself after Shah Alam’s death. This tomb is located at the crossing of Outer Ring Road and Loni Road in the locale of Wazirabad near the banks of Yamuna River. The site of the tomb may take you by surprise initially as you stroll down slightly ahead of Timarpur area and spot some partially worn-out structures of the medieval era. Besides the tomb of Shah Alam, there is a mosque with three domes.

As you step into the premises of the tomb, you might be haunted back to the period in 14th century when Timur the Lame moored in this area before crossing Yamuna River at a critical juncture of time. The simple but elegant architecture of Shah Alam’s Tomb will also please you. We should also add that after visiting this tomb, you can also hop around the nearby attractions in Delhi.

Located:- Wazirabad near the banks of Yamuna River.