Tombs of Sheikh Alauddin and Sheikh Yusuf Qattal

On way to the masjid, a short distance away you'll probably spot the tombs of Sheikh Alauddin (died 1541-42), descendant of the famous Sufi saint Shaikh Faridu'd-din Shakarganj and Shiekh Yusuf Qattal (died 1527) who was a disciple of Qazi Jalaluddin of Lahore.

Both the tombs are somewhat similar in design. They are small pavillions with domes that rest on twelve pillars. The pillars have some magnificent red sandstone latticework screens between them. However there are some individual features. The tomb of Sheikh Alauddin is somewhat more ornate than that of Yusuf Qatal. It has coloured and chiseled plaster symbols on the arches and the parapets. Bands of intricate written inscriptions run on the ceiling of the dome. The tomb of Yusuf Qattal is comparatively smaller, but enchanting nonetheless and its dome is encircled by encaustic tiles.