Talkatora Garden

Located in the hub of Delhi city, Talkatora Gardens is a popular destination for the tourists.Mainly reputed for the centrally placed Indoor Stadium, this place is a historical spot where Mughals defeated the Marathas in the year 1738. The unparallel romantic charm of this garden continues to allure men.

Three big gateways hoard the Talkatora Garden, a cosmic delight of meandering waterways, verdant stretches and vibrant flowers. The magical charm of the Mughal Gardens, with one upper and one lower, Talkatora seems to be technically well designed.

Historical Significance of Garden Talkatora

Previously there was a tank and a swimming pool in this region. So, the name Talkatora, Tal means tank and Katora means cup.

This garden attracts tourists in great numbers especially during spring when richly hued flowers begin to bloom. Ornamented with varied flora, this garden also boasts of its playground where games are conducted and shows held.

Description of Talkatora Garden at Delhi

These exhibitions and competitions draw mass attention and people from across the globe flock here to witness the grand pageantry. One can see potted plants, exquisite leaves, ferns and numerous other floral varieties here.

Evidently Horticulture is practiced with much efficiency and specialization over here; shows are organized for children during specific times of the year to attract their interest in Horticulture.

Visiting Talkatora Garden at Delhi

Come Spring and Garden Talkatora is metamorphosed into a beautiful land where different hued flowers blooms. Each cries out for attention and each with its own special significance. Come and enjoy the bounty of nature and splendor of creation at Talkatora, a reputed Tourist Attractions in Delhi.