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Business opportunity show
Schedule: Mon-12 Mar 2012 9am / 6pm
City: Luckhnow , Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Agra ,Bhopal
State: uttar pradesh

Franchise India Asia’s largest integrated franchise and retail solution provider in association with MSME & Indian Franchise Association announces the commencement of biggest multi city Business Opportunities Show 2012 Luckhnow Kanpur,, Allahabad, Varanasi, Agra, Bhopal.. The show started 12th March in Luckhnow at Hotel Clarks Avadh and would be followed by Kanpur on 13th March , Allahabad on 14th March Varanasi on 16th March.Agra on 28th March And 30th March In Bhopal Franchising is a rapidly growing business trend mostly because people find it apt to start a business with assistance of an established organization. Business opportunity Show is a platform encouraging SME in India which tend to be more economically innovative than medium and larger businesses, better able to respond to changing consumer demand, and receptive to creating opportunities for women and minorities, and activities in distressed areas. BOS in its 3rd year targets to touch around 45 most cities which are considered to be the most competent markets with huge scope of brand development and more than 50,000 investors

Event-End-Date:Fri -16 Mar 2012
Venue :Hotel Clarks Avadh
Phone: 0129498800
URL:click more information
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Organizer By: Franchise India