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Discovering Emotional Compatibility - Explore Understanding of Self and Partner
Schedule: Sun-22 May 2016 9:30 AM
City: Noida
State: UP

"The sooner you learn to take control of your own happiness, the better, isn't it?".....Jaya Sengupta

The workshop is addressed to young couples, who are committed to each other for life! As you begin your journey of life together, discovering emotional comaptibilty - learn the skills to handle conflicts that may occur through the beautiful and time-tested process of Enneagram. Come and build your relationship on an unshakable foundation...get to know yourself and your partner like never before!!

Why, even those wonderful couples who have already walked some distance have found the workshop to be amazingly game-changing. This is what Jaya Sengupta, an editor, has to say of her experience gained during the first such workshop held in the NCR on 17 April 16:

" Attended this workshop and enjoyed every minute....I recommend this for every young person, married or unmarried. It will help an individual understand oneself, one's companions, friends and colleagues, even irritable bosses and in-laws. Enneagram is a simple tool that will help you improve your relationships magically...But it is not magic, it is science and psychology. It will help you understand yourself, and come to terms with your emotions and even feel empowered to manage your own happiness. I said, I recommend it for 'young' people with a reason. Even though it will help each and everyone with a certain insight, the young ones will benefit most from it. The sooner you learn to take control of your own happiness, the better, isn't it?"

The workshop is being facilitated by redoubtable Valerian Sequiera, a trained Life Coach and Relationship Facilitator, who makes you discover yourself and your partner in the most free-flowing and mirthful way. You will love every moment with him!!

So, what are you waiting for. Have a good look at the enclosed flier and give a tinkle at 9810583954 0r 9818097385!! Feel comfortable with mailing?

Event-End-Date:Sun -22 May 2016
Venue :Ahuja's Residency, C 56, Sector 44, NOIDA
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Organizer By: Vivek Sohal