Amusement Parks

Hyderabad in the last decade has surfaced as a tourist hub in Indian sub continent. Tourists from all over the country are pouring in. There are provisions of every sort present in the city. To brighten up the things there are amusement parks, which happen to be characteristic by their own definition. The amusement parks at Hyderabad are filled with the excitement and thrill which is seldom observed when you are visiting places.
The amusement parks are primarily meant for the local population of the city. Such avenues do a good business as they provide the vent, best means for a brief getaway from the modern and mechanical life. Filled with a lot of crazy activities and amusing games the parks are one thing children won't compromise for. The parks in the city feature a number of water related activities that wash off all the worries and for good. The environment is calm and serene, except for the outbursts of participants and visitors. Treasure Island, Ocean Park and Elles World are great such places and are worth visiting.

Treasure Island

Ocean Park

Elles World

Treasure Island

Location : Gandipet in Hyderabad
Entry Charges : 600/- Rs.
Type of Music : Mix of all
Attractions Of Island : Swimming pool, Camel Rides, Indoor Games And Disco Nearby Attractions: Gandipet, Elles World, Ocean Park.

About Treasure Island
As a picturesque holiday spot, Treasure island is an ideal getaway one can dream of. Situated at Gandipet, the island sprawls over 60 acre of landscape and offers a variety of leisure and fun oriented activities - horse riding, billiards, dancing at the disco, go-karting, swimming pool and so on.
At Treasure Island, you'll embark on a journey of discovery and enjoy week long vacations as none other, where a pleasant surprise awaits you at every corner. There's an elfin quality about the landscape - lush green trees, wide open spaces. And humble cottages that speak of the simple joys of holidaying. And allows you to rediscover the beauty of spending time gracefully.
Entertainment in Treasure Island
There are many entertainment sections like swimming pool, a big hall where everybody can play indoor games like Chess and Table Tennis and so more. Here, days are counted not in hours. But by the number of priceless moments spent. Whether its watching the unadulterated joy on your child face as he goes camel riding. Or cruising in go-karts. Splashing in the sparkling blue waters of the pool. Or in the Jacuzzi - you're on one unending adventure. Children can enjoy watching ducks, rabbits, deers and a lot of variety of birds.
One can order according to her or his choice and enjoy eating a well cooked meal. Palate tickling dishes - whether you are diving into a plateful of noodles enjoying the robust, spicy tandoori dishes or allowing the unique flavour of a barbecue flatter your tastebuds. Its easy to give yourself up to the magic of this exclusive world.
Cottages in Treasure Islands
Over 30 bamboo cottages, designed to make living a pleasure - simple, tasteful and comfortable, these dwellings will unlock the gates of your imagination. All one has to do is get there - and make any day seek like the perfect vacation.
Nearby Attractions
If you are exploring Treasure Island, you must visit other nearby tourist spots like Gandipet, Elles World, Ocean Park.

Ocean Park              Top

Location :Near Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)
Timing : 11.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M
Entry Fee : For Adults - Rs.150/-
                   For Children - Rs. 100/-
Open : Every Day

About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is situated at Gandipet, 20 km. from Hyderabad, in 20 acres of landscaped gardens, an amusement park that you haven't seen the likes of yet in India. It is one of the first theme parks started in twin-cities and continues to be a great hit especially with children. But it is not the young ones alone who enjoy, even adults can have lots of fun here. It is a family amusement park offering a good mix of fun and thrills for people of all ages with water rideskiddies pool, wave pool, water slides, dry rides- super loop, the 60 feet high ride, bumping cars, slam bomb etc.
The park has a water sports section and another one for amusement games. Here you can relive your childhood or romp around with your children amid the various water bodies. If you enjoy the thrills of the games where the ships and trains make half and full circles, where tea cups juggle in the air and you are literally taken on a ride, then Ocean park is the place for you.
Ocean Park is divided into different section, in the kids section there is a wading pool and fountain, while the adults section has the exhilarating water slides. There is also a waves and swimming pool with different sections for men women and children. Jet skiing is also available. Toy train, helicopters, huge air filled balloon, video games are available for children and for adults there is tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails from side to side churning your insides out. Inside the park, food is not allowed. Near Gandipet, there is also Sagar Mahal guesthouse.
Attractions within Ocean park
Kiddies Pool, A 60-Ft High Ride, The Slam Bomb, Bumping Cars And Dry Rides For People Of All Ages.

Elles World             Top

Location : Near Gandipet In Hyderabad
Signification : Amusement Park
Timings : 11.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M.
Fare : For Adult - Rs. 65/- (approx.)
           For Children - Rs. 50/- (approx.)
Nearby Attractions : Gandipet, Treasure Islands, Ocean Park

About Elles World
Elles World, an amusement park is located near Gandipet in Hyderabad. It offers several fun rides for children and adults.
Attractions within Elles World
You must visit Ocean Park, Gandipet and Treasure Island which are very close to Elles World. In order to make your trip more exciting.