Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple is star shaped and houses several shrines. The three shrines, called Trikutalayam, located within the temple premises are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya. The temple is built on a raised platform that is about one metre above the ground level. There is a polished monolith in black basalt called as Nandi. The temple is provided with a number of pillars which are beautifully carved and adorned. The temple used to have 1000 ornate pillars and as such the name. The delicate stone work adds to the charm and beauty of these ancient monuments. The rock cut elephants and perforated screens are characteristic of the then prevailing dynasty.


Thousand Pillar Temple lies in the Warranal district of one of the southern states of India, Andhra Pradesh. Warrangal lies to the north east of yet another important city, that is Hyderabad. The temple is located near the Hanamkonda-Warrangal Highway, some 150 kilometres from Hyderabd city.


Thousand Pillar Temple is an ancient temple whose ruins can be seen at Warrangal city. The temple bears the impressions of Chalukyan dynasty and was built by the Kakatiyans. The temple, built in 12th century exists as one good specimen of the Kakatiyan architecture and style of building.