Howrah Bridge

Popularly known as the Rabindra Setu, Howrah Bridge is an engineering marvel and is counted amongst the busiest cantilever bridge in the World. Observing a daily traffic of about 60,000 vehicles and innumerable pedestrians, Howrah bridge have equalled its position to Sydney Harbor Bridge. But the later can never dream of such a traffic. The bridge connects Kolkata and Howrah and is the lifeline of the city. The best way to enjoy its stately beauty is to view it from the middle of the river.

Constructed in 1939 and the bridge was opened to traffic in 1943 which cost as estimated Rs.333 crores, built from 26,500 tons of steel. It is a sort of 'Cantilever bridge'. In it cantilevers project from piers and are connected by girders. Erected during World War II to give Allied troops access to the Burmese front, replacing an earlier pontoon bridge that opened to let river traffic through.

Essentially, it had two portions. For the convenient plying of man and traffic, the pool was connected as a whole. However, the bridge was unfastened everyday, particularly during night for steamers, boats and other aquatic vehicles to ply. From 19th August, 1879, the bridge was illuminated by fixing electric poles at the centre. This was done by using the electricity rendered from the dynamo at the Mallick Ghat Pumping Station. The Bridge was then 1528 ft. long and 62 ft. wide. On both sides were pavements 7 ft. wide for the sake of pedestrians. The 48 ft. road in between, was for plying of traffic.

Today's Scenario
The eight-lane bridge carries a steady flow of more than lakh vehicles and 2 million commuters every day. The best way to enjoy its stately beauty is to view it from the middle of the river where photography is strictly prohibited. The ferries running from below Howrah Station are a more convenient way to cross the river and give a good view of the bridge.

The busy Rabindra Setu or Howrah Bridge connects the city to Kolkata's Burrabazar. A second bridge - the Vidyasagar Setu connects south Howrah to the Kolkata Maidan.

Near Howrah Bridge Howrah Station
The Howrah Railway Station is one of the largest in the world with rail connections to all major Indian cities and towns. Howrah Station also serves as an important terminus for the suburban railway services of the Eastern and the South Eastern Railway. Located on the west side of the Hooghly River, it is linked to Kolkata by the Howrah Bridge.

Other nearby attraction of Howrah Bridge
From Howrah Bridge, you can visit its nearby attractions such as Millenium Park,Eden Gardern, Bara Bazar, BBD Bagh that will surely make your visit to Howarah Bridge more memorable.