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Love Poems

My Love

So here I am, alone again, yet my love for you remains strong.
Even though you are nowhere near me, I feel your love warmth and depth, I just long for your touch.
Inside my soul we are one, and no matter how far away we are never far apart.
Our hearts beat as one, I feel you inside me.
My soul belongs to you and no one else, and I compare you to no one, as they would pale in comparison.
You hold my heart, my dreams and my deepest desires.
Within your heart is a light I can see on my darkest days to guide me back to you.
I look to you for my strength, your acceptance, your praise, your fulfillment to make you as complete as you make me.
Feelings so strong are reserved for a very special type of love we hold.
To be together, to face life, love and all its challenges.
You complete me.

Submit By:  Rakesh Bansal
Wed 09 Sep 2009