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Love Poems

A Special Night

September 10,2006 I knew it was true.
My soul mate was indeed you.
I knew when you got on one knee.
And asked " will you please marry me."

That whole night had blew my mind.
I now know you always wanted to be mine.
I remember coming home one night.
I went into my room and opened the light.

Sure to find a card on my bed that september day.
As i read, i could picture you say.
"Hi Amanda, Today it was you i missed.
I dont know how i went a day without your kiss.

Baby Tommorrow come to my house at seven.
I need to be around you, you make me feel like im in heaven.
I was a lost soul who found its way.
When i met you 2 years ago in may.

I wanted you to know i love you."
After i was finished reading, i whispered "i love you too".
The next night I knocked at your door.
No one answered, puzzled, i look to the floor.

I found a key and note saying "i give you the key to my heart.
Wouldn't know what i'd do if we'd fall apart.
Open the door with the key and help yourself in."
I opened the door and everything was dim.

There were candles lit going threw the hall.
I didnt know where to go until i heard your call.
I walked into the room as you were pooring the wine.
There was a table with candles and rose petals that made the sight divine.

You took out a chair and asked me to sit down.
I didn't say a word, memerized, I stare at the rose petals and candles that were around.
I finally asked "what are you doing this for"?
You said because yesterday not being with me made you want to be with me more.

You said you just wanted to have a romantic dinner.
I smiled when you told me, I make you feel like a winner.
After dinner you took me up the stairs.
Opened the door to your room where i almost shed tears.

There were thousands of ballons with words asking me to marry you all over the place.
I turned around to look at your face.
You were on one knee and said " will you please marry me."
Since that special night i knew forever we would always be

Submit By:  J.Bush
Wed 09 Sep 2009