Gurudwara Machhiwara

Gurudwara Machhiwara This holy place is sanctified by the visit of Guru Gobind Singh. After the battle of Chamkaur Sahib, enduring hardships, he pushed his way through the thick jungles infested with thorny bushes. After an arduous journey, he lay down on the bare stony ground for rest in the garden of Masand Gulab Rai. Here his pathan devotees Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan recognised him and provided all facilities to the great Guru. From here Guru was taken in a Palki (Palanquin) disguised as 'Uch Ka Pir'. For this purpose the Guru put on a blue dress and so did his disciples accompanying him. The plan they adopted, proved a total success. Only once the procession of the Guru was intercepted by Mughal army but answer of Nabi Khan and Ghani Khan was so convincing that no suspicion was raised by the Mughal soldiers Thus Gurdwara Machhiwara has became a place of pilgrimage. upto this day people remember the two Pathan brothers Nabi Khan and Ghani Khan with great respect as they risked their lives in serving the Tenth Master.