Uppal Museum, Punjab Agricultural University

This International level War Museum, located on GT Road, about 5 KM from Ludhiana Railway Station, near Hotel Amaltas, was instituted in 1999 with a few bare essentials, today stands strong. At the very entrance stands a huge statue of maharaja Ranjit singh sitting proud and magnificent on a throne. Towards the right and left of the statue one can find tanks, apec car, anti-aircraft gun, car scout and an old sukhoi fighter aircraft, along with a massive model of the ins vikrant. Walking up several steps one is lead into the entrance hall, where on the right is a line of portraits of Punjabis, who have been awarded the Paramvir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and Vir Chakra. On the left is a line of portraits of generals, admirals, and air chief marshals belonging to Punjab. Besides this, the museum comprises several galleries. Many of these are still awaiting material to be displayed. A huge gallery displays various uniforms of the British era Indian army; air force and navy. They also depict the different stripes, medals and ranks worn by the officials. Another gallery displays portraits and busts of Punjab’s army men who had fought and got laurels in the three wars in 1948,‘65, and ‘71. The six busts that stand in the gallery are of officers who had received Victoria Cross. Yet another attraction of this museum is the light and sound show, which, through the effects of light and sound, depicts war of independence and the role of Punjabis in it.