Afghan Memorial Church

Afghan Church is situated at the southern end of the Colaba Island. The Directors of East India Company converted this part of the island into a military cantonment area with army barracks during early nineteenth century.

It was built to commemorate those who died during the first Afghan War. Few years later, the land for the building of the church was provided by the government on a condition that its steeple could be seen as a landmark at sea to guide ships navigating the Bombay Harbour. The designs were prepared by Henry Coney Beare, the City Engineer, and construction began in 1847. The church was consecrated in 1858 and the elegant steeple completed in 1865. Mr. Henry Coney Beare was the same person who laid down the great scheme for the construction of the Vihar Lake and distribution of water supply by iron pipes to nearly all parts of Bombay City.
The moment you look at the church, it gives you an impression of awesome beauty with a majestic style of Gothic architecture. The church consists of the nave and aisles, fluted columns with Doric style capitals, a tower and a spire.