Amusement Parks

Essel World

About Essel World :
Essel World has a special place in the hearts of Mumbaikars and also people across the country. This is beacuse it is the oldest amusement park in the city. Many people from contemporary age have grown alongwith Essel World. Though being one of the first amusement park, it is new in style and concept. Essel world is an international-style theme park and amusement park that has defined the parameters of modern fun. It constantly adopts new progressive technologies to redefine itself.
Location :
Located just a few kilometres outside city limits at Gorai, it is situated on a green landscaped, island on an area of 64 acres. It can be reached by ferry from Gorai creek or Marve beach. Alternately one can drive down by Western Express Highway, take the Bhayender turn and reach Gorai Island.
Offers :
EsselWorld offers over thirty four thrilling and scintilllating rides, games and amusements. Exorbitant entrance fees in itself acts as a deterant to over-crowding. The place offers low budget monsoon packages and special deals on weekands. Different recreational options in Essel World include the standard roller coaster and adventure themes, plus a water world section where kids can literally run amok.

Fantasy Land

About Fantasy Land :
Spread across 30 acres and enveloped in lush green landscape, Fantasy land is a fun-zone where you can feed your senses and get animated. Situated in Jogeshwari East, it is a modest amusement park offering themes and games for children. It is a place of indulgence for people of all ages. The park has first thrown open to public in the year 1992. Over years, the park has diversified its services, adding innovative entertainment and sporting attractions.
Sources of Entertainment :
It offers a range of international rides and games. An Italian merry-go-round in porcelain finish. A Dragon that clocks to and fro like a pendulum, swinging scores of people at one go. A Master blaster with a dozen arms that lift you high up in the air and then lower you suddenly. A Slam Bob in which boats surf the air at great speeds. A grand Slam where you crash your car into another and walk out smiling. And topping all these and other rides is the Roller Coaster (Ze Ulta Fulta Express) the only one of its kind in India. It takes a full 360 degree turn in the sky, leaving you suspended in mid-air.
Besides these rides there are also coin operated games, pedal boats in an artificial lake and horse rides.
Lure for gourmets :
There are Indian, Chinese and American fast food restaurants to lure gourmets. These offer choicest cuisines taht taste really good. An interesting fact that makes one happy is that senior citizens are allowed free on proof of age. A real hallmark of a concious society.

Water Kingdom

Location :
Water Kingdom is located just next to Essel World, Gorai, Mumbai. To drive down the Water Kingdom, take the Western Express Highway, after Dahisar Check Naka turn left on to the Bhayandar Road. Easy to follow road signs will bring you to Water Kingdom. parking space is also available in Water Kingdom.
Water Kingdom :
Water Kingdom is said to be Asia's largest theme water park. The Water Kingdom has several enchanting attractions including the world's biggest wave pool, heart stopping rides 'n' slides, river adventure cruises and much more. The several food kiosks in the park and the McDonald Family restaurant, makes it the ideal getaway for the entire family.
Enchanting Attractions of Water Kingdom :
The Wet Atlantic :- The world's biggest wavepool
Misphisly Hill :- 12 hi-speed thrilling rides
Brat Zone :- geysers, button-operated water games, jets for kids
Goofers Lagoon :- The perfect place to relax and simply soak around
The Drifting River :- A never ending loop of slow flowing water - just keep drifting
Adventures Amazonia :- Go rafting down 3 'rapid rivers'.

Time & Entry Fee :
You can visit the water kingdom in 11:00- 19:00 hrs.
Entry Fees :- For Adult Height above 4 '6" Week Day - 350/- Rs, Week End - 480/- Rs.
Entry Fees :- For Child Height between 3 '3" to 4 '6" Week Day - 250/- Rs, Week End - 350/- Rs.