Film City in Mumbai

Cinema has emerged as a popular source of entertainment in India. Almost every village in India has a cinema within walking distance. It is really hard to comprehend the impact of cinema as it has effected almost all compartments of life. The Indian film industry is the largest in the world and amazingly it churns out over 900 films every year. There is regional cinema that caters to the local tastes and there is hindi cinema that has a wide presence. The home of Hindi blockbuster, the “all-India film” , is Mumbai.

Bollywood Mockingly called Bollywood by locals and cynics, Film City clings to the outskirts of the National Park, and is practically overrun by assorted stars and starlets -- the demi gods and goddesses of Modern India. To overcome the differences of language and religion, the Bollywood movie follows rigid conventions and genres; as in myth, its characters have predetermined actions and destines. Hindi movies follow a “masala format” where a bit of everything is packaged in one single product. There are elements of song, dance, melodrama, violence and erotica that Indian audiences love. The Film City sets are heavily booked around the year. They are closed to visitors, but special permissions can always be "obtained" to check out the action.