Juhu Beach

Bollywood owes much to Juhu as the beach has been the favorite location for scores of Indian films. Juhu has the specialty of being the largest as well the most frequentlyvisited beaches in India. Climate being uniform that is warm, except during monsoon rains from June to September, Juhu is a wonderful resort for the tourist.Film personalities have been obsessed by the place and as a consequence the beach has been the dwelling place for many film stars of India.

Juhu is about 18 kms north of the city centre and reaching there is not a difficulty. Juhu is the symbol of family beach and a large number of locals and tourists visit the beach. The birth of Indian Airways has a direct connection with the beach. Jamshedji Tata, one of the leading industialists of India used the beach as the landing strip of his flights when he was stationed here and made serious efforts to develop the area in and around Juhu which were turned down by the government. The same man later initiated Indian Airways.

Juhu is the best place to bring the entire community (Mumbaikars - residents of Mumbai) on common social grounds and much interaction takes place amidst the natural ambience provided by the beach. Children, adults and aged, locals and tourists all make up the population that inhibits the beach especially on weekends. Swimming and sun bathing however is a bad idea in Juhu. On weekends the variety show is for real; there are horse rides, acrobats and other performers, there are kulfi and bhelpuri stalls and without doubts a large crowd.

The beach was in news in mid 2005 following the diamond rush. It is believed that high tides had brought with it colored crystals called √Āmerican diamonds' and people next day joined in great numbers for the treasure hunt. The American diamonds were for sure recovered but their worth goes no more than 10 rupees.
The beach is lined with luxury hotels, appartment in the south and many five star hotels are prevalent in this area. The beach is bound in the north by Versova beach which is also a beautiful resort. Versova homes Mumbai's largest fishing community.
Other advantages provided by the beach include - 24 hour coffee house one of which is state run, the famous Prithvi theatre and meditation centres. Pritvi theatre was built to develop the professional (primarily Hindi) theatre and hosts over 400 performances a year by some 50 groups.Some other attractions include ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) also called 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' temple. It is a holy place to worship, meditate and have spiritual experience.