Marine Drive in Mumbai

Built on land reclaimed from Back Bay in 1920, Marine Drive runs along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point past Marine Drive to the foot of Malabar Hill. It's one of Mumbai's most popular promenades and a favourite sunset-watching spot. You certainly won't be loitering on the sea wall long before you're engaged in conversation, even if it's with someone offering to show you how well their monkey can breakdance.
The promenade is lined with decaying Art Deco apartments just begging for a paint manufacturer to prove what their product can do to brighten up an area. Tourist brochures are fond of dubbing it the Queen's Necklace, because of the dramatic curve of its streetlights at night. It's less spectacular during the day, though there are plans afoot to beautify the area.

At nights, Marine Drive looks stunning illuminated, with lights and if seen from some elevated point beside the road, it appears like a necklace with street lights resembling a string of pearls. Attributable to its extravagant loveliness, it is also known as Queen's Necklace. Marine Drive, famous for its local fast-food, lies at the northern end of this road. One of the busiest roads in Mumbai, Marine Drive has been acclaimed as the world's largest viewing gallery that hosts various events.
Marine Drive offers the best causeway to take a refreshing saunter next to the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea. The cool breeze would caress you with its gentle touch, making you feel at cloud nine. 'Nana-Nani' park is the recent attraction, which has been added for senior citizens in the area. Tickle your taste buds with the local 'kulfi' and tit-bits available at road-side kiosks. Thus, Marine Drive is a place that you cannot afford to miss while holidaying in Mumbai.