Nehru Planetarium Museum

Location :
This museum falls adjacent to the planetarium, and houses a Childrens Science Park and a permanent gallery which showcases exhibits relating to the properties of life. An array of tramcar, railway engine, supersonic jet and steam lorry.
Origin : Inaugurated by late Smt. Indira Gandhi on march 3, 1977, the Nehru Planetarium soon acquired a distinct identity on the map of Bombay. It has grown into a Centre for scientific study of astronomy and for meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures, arranged periodically on various stellar and astronomical events.
It has a Mini Planetarium also, which is taken out to remote rural areas to project its shows for people and children to make them aware of the astronomical progress. These shows are highly popular and in great demand.
Programmes : The programmes arranged by the planetarium are aimed at inspiring students. These include Science quiz contests, Astro-painting, Science elocution, Astro-poetry and Astro-quiz competitions. Special arrangements are made to watch, study and photograph Solar & Lunar eclipses, and many such other events. Telescopes are installed outside the Planetarium to enable eager visitors to watch these phenomena.
Facilities : Nehru Planetarium is a large domed building Inside, various cubicles estimate your weight on each of the nine planets of the Solar System while in the domed interior, daily shows uncover the timeless mysteries of the cosmos. In the basement there is a marble-panelled auditorium having marvellous acoustic effects, a capacity of almost 1000 seats and equipped with all the state-of-art facilities.The auditorium usually arranges classical music and dance recitals, concerts and plays.