Sanjay Gandhi National Park

About Park :
This large protected area of forested hills on Mumbai's northern outskirts is best known for the 109 Kanheri Caves which line the side of a rocky ravine in the centre of the park. They were used by Buddhist monks between the 2nd and 9th centuries as viharas (monasteries) and chaityas (temples). The most impressive is cave 3, the Great Chaitya Cave, which has a long colonnade of pillars and a 5m (16ft) high dagoba (pagoda) at the back of the cave. There's also a Lion Safari Park inside the park.
Human creations have often been subjected to duality following the dual nature of the world that surrounds us. Matter and energy, body and soul, physical and spiritual subsistence have been the priorities while creating or developing any entity. The city of Mumbai is one good example that substantiates the assumption. The architectural structures of Mumbai stand for materialistic development, the spiritual part left to gardens and together the constitute the duality at par in Mumbai.