Cathedral Church Of St. Thomas

Small and simple St. Thomas' Cathedral, is one of the oldest English buildings in Mumbai. Mumbai city's first Anglican Church, it is situated in the heart of the commercial fort area, in Mumbai. The foundation stone was laid by Gerald Aungier( then governor) in 1672.

After his death, the work on project was stopped and the building lay abandoned for forty year until new life was infused into the project in the second decade of the eighteenth century by enthusistic Richard Cobbe, a chaplain to the East India Company. The construction was completed and the chuch was opened to the public on the Chris Ãtmas Day in 1718.

The building is a nice blend of Classical & Gothic style of architure. Church's tall steeple is the cynosure of many eyes. Though the bulding has undergone subsequent changes but most of these are additions with no or less subtractions. In this way the original form of the building has been preserved.

The whitewashed and polished brass-and-wood interior is the main forte of the Church. It has some exquisite art adoration. A marble plaque at the front entrance reads: "Let all who enter this church remember Richard Cobbe, chaplain to the Honorable East India Company 1715 to 1719, this church had risen to 15 feet when the building ceased and the site lay desolate for 33 years. It was consecrated in 1816 and became a cathedral in 1837.