Town Hall

Location : Fort area of South Mumbai.
Attractions : Asiatic Library, Museum.
How to Reach : One can easily reach Town Hall by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.
Significance : Its library has got over 800000 antique volumes.

Town Hall is conceivably the most imperial structure amongst the heritage buildings of Mumbai. Housing the Asiatic Society of Bombay, Town Hall is located in the Fort area of South Mumbai. The pillared monument is even more significant for its exquisite edifice that has old wooden floor, spiral staircases, wrought iron loggias and superb marble statues of late benefactors of the Island City of India. The Asiatic Society consists of city's largest library with a collection of 8,00,000 antique volumes.
Amongst the anthology, Dante's first edition copy of "Inferno" is one of the inestimable reserves. The Society's museum has a remarkable numismatic compilation of above 1,000 ancient coins and a rare gold coin belonging to Akbar - the Mughal Emperor. Permission is required to take a glance of these treasures. However, the public library is open to everyone and generally attracts scores of senior citizens, who come to read the local newspapers.
Constructed somewhere near 1830, Town Hall has been profoundly influenced by Greek and Roman styles of architecture. Comprising a portico with eight Doric pillars, the building can be reached by taking a flight of 30 steps. In praise of this grand structure, Sir John Malcolm - the Governor of Bombay said "It is the most magnificent structure that taste and munificence combined have as yet erected in India". Thus, Town Hall is a place worth visiting in Mumbai.