Victoria and Albert Museum

Location :
This museum showcases archaeological findings , maps and photographs that depicts the history of Mumbai. Also known with a name of Bhau Daji Lad Museum, it is adjoined with Victoria gardens. Constructed in Greco-Roman style, this museum attracts people who have keen interest in geographical and archeological findings.
History :
The idea of having a museum that would house the rare objects was first pioneered in Mumbai by Ramkrishna Vitthal Lad, known to most as Bhau Daji Lad . He alongwith his colleagues and friends proposed the idea of erecting a building for housing the collection, and naming it in honour of the Queen Empress of India, and the Prince consort. The museum was christened as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the year was 1862. The museum is now owned by Mumbai municipal Corporation. As one enter into the museum, one feels transported to the Raj-era. It is a journey into the past beyond the realms of present. The place is so quaint in appearance and has a serene atmospherethat compels one to dream about the past legacy.

With the passage of time, each and every item at museum has turned old and is worthy for exhibition, say slender pillars, wrought-iron railings, elegant arches, high painted ceiling, heavy glass cases, oversized pedestals, fading information panels etc. The museum uses bronze sculptures, metalware, weapons, fossils, 17th-century maps, reliefs of the city and a scale model of the Parsi Towers to illustrate Mumbai's history. There is an elegant collection of caly models illustrating Indian types, costumes, and trades. There are bronze votives, fossils, minerals, delicate ivories and models of temples made from pith. The most eye-catching sight, however, is the elephant sculpture from Elephanta Island.
Timings : Opening Timings : 10 AM to 6 PM