Shopping Places

Mahatma Phule Mandai ( Market )
Mahatma Phule Mandai is situated in the center of Pune City. Because of its location this place is often used for meetings, Conferences, starting point for the Ganesh festival procession etc. This market is well known for getting fresh vegetables, fruits and articles for the Poojas. Next to the market there is the Tulsi baug temple. The Rameshwar temple which is owned by the Khasgiwalas also owned the land on which the market is built. The British bough this land and built the Market place. About 2 lacks of Rupees were spent for building this market at that time. The structure of the market is such that it is eight sided and has 8 ways which lead you out from the center of the market. There are around 526 stalls with particular vegetable or fruits to be sold at particular places. Peculiarities of this place are the huge structure and the stone construction of the market which remained as it is even after so many years. Fruits and Vegetables are available here in a low cost so people come here in huge numbers to take what ever they want. Mostly Sundays and other holidays you would find crowd gathering here and even if you haven't planned to buy anything you feel like purchasing something seeing the crowd. One feels good even by just being in this place. It is a must see place in Pune city.
Deccan Gymkhana
Suitings, Shirtings, Fancy dresses, Sweet mart, Toys, Steel , Plastic , Embroidery items . The area is so small shopping wise that you can easily cover it within one hour .As soon as you cross the Sambhaji Bridge, you enter the main shopping area at Deccan Gymkhana. This compact, triangular area is full of shops of just about all kinds, that it is only to be seen to be believed. This area is the real shopper’s paradise. Other than this like a true class metropolitan you have endless stores as far as suitings, shirtings, fancy dresses, sweet mart, toys, steel-plastic , embroidery items available at almost every street in Pune.
Laxmi Road (Clothing And Jewelry )
When you come to the Laxmi Road, you have entered the real heart of Pune city. You can easily judge this for yourself looking at the crowd and the hustle and bustle on this road as well as on any of the countless narrow side streets that crisscross it. " Laxmi " is the goddess of wealth & as you start your shopping on Laxmi road, you will really feel as if the Goddess of Wealth has showered her blessings on this road .This road, is lined with shops on both sides. You can find shops of the widest range of articles on Laxmi Road. But it is mainly famous for its hundreds of shops of garments of all varieties, suitable for all climates and purposes. Jewelry shops take a distant second .Your visit to Pune is incomplete if you have not visited Laxmi road at least once.
Bajirao Road (Furniture Market)
Bajirao road provides excellent opportunities for shopping. Mainly garment shops, furniture shop and presentation article shops are situated on this highly crowded road with an approximate overall length of about 2km. As you come to Bajirao road where it intersects Laxmi Road and turn to your right towards Tilak Road.
Mahatma Gandhi Road ( M.G.Road ) : Gifts & Articles.
Famously known as MAIN STREET ,both East street and Mahatma Gandhi Road are very good shopping areas, but the Mahatma Gandhi Road is much more so famous for its Gifts & Articles.
Fashion Street :
Just off East Street is the miniature version of Bombay's Fashion Street. There are in all 448 stalls over here which remain open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. This market place is spread over an area of about 2 acers. Mostly the stalls are of the size of about 20 - 30 sq. ft.The articles for sale are brought from Mumbai and sold over here. Every Stall owner pays Rs. 5 as a rent to the Pune Cantonment Board. After closing the stalls every stall owner keeps his articles in the godown. To safe guard the godown and the entire Fashion Street there are 6 watchmen appointed. For this every stall owner has to pay Rs. 50 /- every month.These stall owners were previously located on the M. G. Road, in 1996 these were relocated in the Kamble Maidan which is off the East Street. 96 more stall owners from M. G. Road are still waiting to get a stall into the Fashion Street. Previously the M. G. Road Hawkers Union, now has changed its name to Fashion Street, Kamble Maidan.While talking to one of the Stall Owners said - business wise this place is far better than the M. G. Road, 8 out of 10 customers buy articles when they enter the Fashion Street. Because unlike the M. G. Road very few come here just to roam around, but many come here with an intention of buying something.
Tulsi Baug
Situated off Laxmi Road. It is a woman shopping area right from pins to vessels. Gifts, Articles , Metal shops , Plastic & all kinds of household things etc.
Timber Market :
Wood , Plywood market.
Market yard :
Wholesale Market for Grains , Flowers , Fruits and egetables .
Appa Balwant Chowk Budhwar Peth : Books Market as well as News paper Market.
Juna Bazar :
Here you get each and every thing which is old ( used ) ,secondhand at a very low cost.
Nana Peth & Bhavani Peth :
Wholesale market for wood ,steel, oil, grain and automobiles, spare parts
Dandekar Pool & Faraskhana Chowk :
Majoor Adda ( Plumbers , Carpenters , etc..)