Ganapati Temple

Ganpati Temple

Ganpati Temple :
One of the Ashtavinayakas in Maharstra, the temple of Hindu Deity 'Ganesha' is located about 26km from Pune at Theur. The 400 years old temple is assumed to be owned and controlled by Ganesha. Ganapati is Pune's pride and people are dedicated to him.
It is said, when Pune was going through bad phase of economic and political crises, Ganesha came as a protector. Lord appeared in the dream of person called Bhatt and told him his whereabouts. The temple is located at the place where the idol was found. The temple was then built by Shivaji’s mother.
There is another ganesha temple with Trishundya Idol. The idol has three trunks and the lord is sitting on a peacock. The temple was built in 1726 and still stands tall against all changes taking place in Pune. The temple is one of its kind in the country.