Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara

Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara This Gurudwara is in Ganesh Peth. It is probably the first Gurudwara in Pune City. Local transportation such as Auto Rickshaws, P.M.T. buses are available to reach to this place.
Peculiarity about this place is the that it is open to people of all the religion. This Gurdwara is one of the oldest and biggest Gurdwaras of Pune. The Gurudwara opens early in the morning with prayers, it starts with 'Matha Tekna', followed by 'Japjisaheb' (the morning prayer), 'Kirtans', then 'Ardas' and lastly the excerpts from the 'Granth Saheb' are read at random.
On every Sunday after the morning session - 'Langar' (a community Lunch) is served, adhering to the teaching of their first Guru, Guru Nanakdev, that all human beings on this Earth are equal and whatever is produce should be equally distributed among all. Hence everybody, irrespective of rich or poor, sit on the floor and eat. The birth anniversaries of the first guru, Guru Nanakdevji and tenth guru, Guru Govindsinghji are celebrated as festivals with great enthusiasm.