Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada The palace was constructed by Bajiroa 1st in the 1730. It was a 13 storey building. There is a story told about why this place was chosen for the construction. The story says-The Thorale (Elder) Bajirao once saw a rabbit chasing a dog in this place. Taking inspiration from this Shaniwar Wada was built, a place which would never see defeat. It used to be the head quarter of the Peshwas and it symbolizes Pune's culture. Looking at the construction one understands how the structure was built giving highest priority to the security. The main entrance is known as 'Delhi Darwaja', others have named like Ganesh, Mastani, Jambhal, Khidki.
There is a statue of Bajijrao (1 st) on a horse in the ground in front of Shaniwar Wada. Inside one can see Ganesh Mahal, Rang Mahal, Aarsa (Mirror) Mahal, Hasti Dant (Elephant Tusk) Mahal, Diwan Khana, Fountains. Currently renovated & also have a light & music show. The main part left is nagarkhana which gives good inside view. This is an expansive palace with its impressive fountains and gardens. The palace was the seat of Peshwa power and later was destroyed by a fire in 1828. All that remains are the walls that fortified this palace, with their sturdy doors, studded with spikes for added protection. Nearby is a street where the Peshwas unleashed elephants to trample dissidents to death.
Timings for visitors : 8 am to 5 pm. Entry Free (Except for the Light And Sound Show).